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Yoga – The Perfect Pregnancy Workout Yoga – The Perfect Pregnancy Workout
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Pregnancy can be stressful for women in a mental, physical, and emotional way. But they should not give up... Yoga – The Perfect Pregnancy Workout

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Pregnancy can be stressful for women in a mental, physical, and emotional way. But they should not give up the nice looking body they have worked so much for before picking up an extra joy for the life long journey. Whoever said pregnant women are not able to exercise, told a lie!
There is many exercises that a pregnant woman could try out through out the pregnancy process to keep that nice figure even after giving birth.
Yoga has been the perfect tool for many moms who were very unsure they’d be able to get through with the pains and headaches of labor. Yoga has helped many pregnant women release stress and has also made the process of childbirth for them easier than it would have been if they had just sat/laid down waiting for the time to come. It is said by many yoga instructors that yoga and meditation is of great benefit to the spiritual and physical growth of an unborn child.
But, before we go into talk about this, you need to make sure to consult with your doctor if taking up any exercise regime while being pregnant is good for you. Once your doctor has given you the ok, here is how you can move about taking yoga in on your pregnancy workout routine.
Yoga can be practiced from the 4th month of pregnancy until the 9th month. By this time, the child should be strong enough to withstand the constant positions taking that yoga requires. The following are some yoga practices that you can start off with:

pregnant yoga

Yoga’s relaxed stretching and breathing is a perfect way to stay fit while pregnant.

Yastikasana: Simple stretching of all the muscles
Step One: Lie down on your back with your legs extended.
Step Two: Inhale as you extend your arms upwards.
Step Three: Stretch you body such that you pull your body upwards with your arms and downwards with your feet.
Step Four: Hold for 6 seconds, exhale and slowly release.
Supta vhadrasana: Improves flexibility
Step One: Lie down on your back.
Step Two: Spread your legs wider.
Step Three: Now bend your knees to bring your feet together in such a way that your feet form a namaste.
Step Four: Hold for 6 seconds and release.
This pose increases flexibility of the pelvic region, making child birth easier. It also stretches the lower back, thus preventing back-aches which tend to be really disturbing when it comes to sleep time.
Ustrasana or the camel pose
Step One: Go down on your knees.
Step Two: Now slowly bend back as you try to reach your ankles.
Step Three: Hold this position up to 6 counts.
Step Four: Now slowly come back to original position.
You should not try to hold onto your ankles if this is your first time trying yoga. What you should do instead is, place your hands on your hips and bend backwards. This pose is meant to strengthen your back and prevent back pain. The Utrasana or the Camel Pose will also raise your energy levels, as blood rushes to your head.
Besides these asanas, I also recommend these breathing exercises to make your pregnancy easier for when the time comes:
Long exhalation or rechak: Simply take your breath in and let it out slowly.
Diaphragm breathing: In this kind of breathing make sure your abdomen goes out as you breathe in and is pulled in as you exhale.
Try these yoga asanas for a happy, healthy, fit, and stress-free pregnancy. And who knows, maybe yoga will become a daily routine for you and give your body that great feeling of security even long after giving birth.
Keep in mind, that first timers should take it light while doing yoga, especially if you are doing it at home on your own. I recommend that you either find a nice┬áhome instructor or a yoga class near you where you will be supervised and guided to doing asanas the right way without hurting you nor your child. The internet also has many fascinating web pages for yoga that I’m sure will guide you step by step on how to perform a daily yoga routine as you also avoid body injuries.
Well, if you have read this and you are pregnant, I hope you have enjoyed the reading and take the step forward to keeping yourself in great shape through out pregnancy, and if you are not pregnant, but find yourself reading this article, pass the info on to women you may know that are.