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Workouts for those on the go! Workouts for those on the go!
I’m in sales so I do have the opportunity to travel quiet a bit. Some trips I find it easier to fit my workouts... Workouts for those on the go!

By Kendi Charlspicture of Kendi Charls

I’m in sales so I do have the opportunity to travel quiet a bit. Some trips I find it easier to fit my workouts in and remain on the healthy regime and others it’s literally a pain; however it’s never impossible.

It’s a hit or miss on the road. I do get a little more stressed while preparing to leave for the week; but in the end with preparation it always ends up being a smooth transition. I usually pack quiet a bit of food of my own when traveling whether I am dieting or not. Regardless I still eat 5/6 times a day and trying to find something on the road that is somewhat healthy and without emptying my bank acct isn’t always the easiest.

picture of chocolate power drinkpicture of power bars

I like to pack protein shakes or meal replacement shakes with oats, protein bars, and a lot of chicken. This is actually pretty simple because I bring a Tupperware of ground chicken and that really is the only thing that needs to be refrigerated. So in the end it works out well and like I said I don’t have to rely on eating out every single meal.

When picking a hotel the first think I look at is the gym.  It makes it much easier if they have a decent gym at the hotel and I don’t have to take the time to travel to a local gym and again pay money for my workout. Even decent hotels these days have a few pieces of cardio equipment and dumbbells. With these items I can make anything work. It actually can make it easier than your normal routine at home because you get to cut out travel time to and from the gym. It’s like having an at home gym! I still try to split my cardio and weight sessions getting up early to do my cardio and get my started and then lifting at night.

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Most hotel gyms will have at least a treadmill and maybe even an elliptical. I always choose the treadmill. You can do multiple things on a treadmill – jog, run, sprints, uphill climbs, intervals etc. You could work out a whole week on the treadmill and never repeat a workout. I generally choose to do interval climbs for 30 minutes switching from a 15 incline at 3.7mph down to a 8.0 incline at 3.0mph. This way I am raising and lowering my heart rate. After the 30 minutes I then do a 10-15 incline at 3.0 for the remaining 30 minutes. I have to switch it up a lot or I get bored and on my current workout plan I have a minimum of one hour of cardio a day. So cardio is easy and it’s never an excuse to not get it done on the road; however weight training can be another story.

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Weight training on the road sometimes requires a lot of creative workouts. I also think it helps to plan ahead and know what you have coming up for a workout. I don’t like to do legs on the road unless I want to end up doing a ton of squats and lunges. This is a personal preference and I know I need to be really focus on specific leg parts for growth.    The easiest weight training days when on the road for me are shoulders and arms. Most of my arm and shoulder workouts can be done with just dumbbells and without machines.

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For instance my shoulder workout I will start with 4 sets of 10-15 reps of lateral raises both arms together superset with individual lateral raises doing one arm until exhaustion and then the other.  Following lateral raises I will do upright rows (4 sets of 10-15).  Normally I do this with a barbell, however it can be done with dumbbells. Next, I superset upright rows with lateral raises once again. My third routine is front raises doing alternate front raises, 4 sets of 10-15, with no rest and then I usually end with rear delts and shoulder presses. I prefer a rear delt machine but I can also do bent over rear delt raises and it still works the same muscle (4 sets of 10-15 adding drop set on sets 3 and 4). Same thing with shoulder press I prefer a machine but it can also be done with dumbbells (4 sets of 10-15 adding a drop set on sets 2-4).

The key to staying on track when traveling is as simple as a little extra planning time and creativity. It’s not always easy; but it’s never impossible. Train hard no matter where you are!  Consistency is the key; keep plugging away and the results will come.

picture of Kendi Charls

Kendi Charls is a top ranked National Physique Committee competitor and a well-known advocate of healthy living through diet and exercise. She is a life-long athlete in multiple sports such as soccer, basketball, track, softball and volleyball. She is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa where she received her BA in Fashion Design and played for the school’s volleyball team. You may reach Kendi Charls at