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Why It’s Time To Hit The Fitness Club Why It’s Time To Hit The Fitness Club
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer There are over one million reasons why not to join a gym, with some of them being the cost... Why It’s Time To Hit The Fitness Club

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By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer

There are over one million reasons why not to join a gym, with some of them being the cost simply not being organized enough to fit it into your daily schedule. And now with the overabundance of ready made, high in fat, fast foods  and sugary drinks at an all time high and available a reach or phone call away, the proper motivation is needed to get most of us out of the couch and into some sweats.


  1. Helps get rid of that bloated drowsy feeling. Mondays are especially rough on many who overindulged in foods high in carbs (like pizza and burgers & fries) and cold drinks high in sugar or carbs so the fight to feel “normal” again leads to energy drinks or more than your ration of coffee which in itself will lead not to a bloated feeling but fatigue and adds an extra burden.  Eating greasy fried foods forces the stomach to take longer to break down fats and properly digest them so the extra time forces an increase in gas which causes the bloating.   After only a few days your mind will be clearer and sharper.
  2. You will feel happier. If you are one of the countless of people that think that exercise is a merely necessary evil to keep your body fit and tight then you are missing some very important elements of what exercise is all about.
    First of all choose an exercise that you enjoy, like dancing. Dancing is a wonderful exercise as you focus on the words and music and pay less attention to how many reps or movements that you are doing and time goes by very quick and before you know it you just lost another 100 calories. Exercise can also improve your mood as your brain releases endorphins which are natural hormones that overflow the body with a feel good energetic and natural high. Your body also releases stress through physical exertion and regulated breathing so you can basically leave your work worries and troubles behind and go home feeling refreshed and relaxed. Your confidence will also be more noticeable to others as you play gym sports like racquetball or water polo or doing yoga as you learn skills and continually improve them and as you do you become more confident in other areas of your life and you end up having that happy glow about you.
  3. Great facilities and equipment that target specific areas of your body and thus lose and control your weight more effectively.   The better gyms take great pride in their attention to their guest and provide great service making one feel special and cared after, which we definitely deserve.  They also spend lots of money on equipment to keep their clients happy, fit and coming back.  One should take full advantages of this as the better gyms have steam rooms, saunas, swimming pools, massages, cafes serving great health foods and drinks etc, so pamper yourself, you will certainly not only see the results in your fitter body but also in your confidence and mood, and so will everyone else.

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One should not look at the expense of the gym fees as a burden but rather as a privilege and investment. So go ahead, get to it and sign yourself up and go, you will thank yourself.  See you there!