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What is Good Posture and How to Maintain it What is Good Posture and How to Maintain it
What is good posture?  Well we all know that we should be upright.  May people think that to have good posture one must tense... What is Good Posture and How to Maintain it

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What is good posture?  Well we all know that we should be upright.  May people think that to have good posture one must tense ones back and heave your chest in and up and putting your head back in to your chest.  Well this may not be the correct way to achieve it.  Keep in mind that the spine uses two natural curves that need maintaining called the S curve or double C curve which are the curves found from the base of your head to the shoulders and the curve from the upper back to the base of your spine.  There are many exercises that can strengthen the muscles across your upper back and shoulders and do not have to be strenuous and can be done with or without hand weights.

Begin by aligning your ears over your shoulders.  Next raise your arms straight up alongside your ears.  Then bend your forearms towards your shoulders to touch your shoulder blades. Repeat this process with both arms for ten repetitions. Another quick and easy way is to stand straight then use your weight as evenly as possible in distributing the weight on your feet then with both shoulders and ears aligned, slowly raise both elbows and slowly lower them back to your waistline. Repeat the process for as ten more reps.  Try doing this when standing in line at the bank or grocery store. And keep in mind that those around you will notice your good posture and some may even try to imitate it in spite of themselves.

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Stretching is also good as it will help your back and other muscles loosen up.  A good one is the head tilt in which you gently tilt your head in all four directions followed by a gentle neck massage, try not to roll your head in circles as this may cause further strains.   Try getting on your hands and knees preferably on a soft carpet, and then curl your back upwards, like all cats do, and then opposite.  If it’s good for cats it’s got to be good for us.  For women it is highly recommended to take ballet classes as the dance itself demands excellent posture and will get you in shape as well.  Also do keep in mind that many high priced models and high profile athletes have take a ballet course in their career or are continually taking them to improve their performance for their demanding work profiles.

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Yoga is also great for good posture and won’t cost you anything but a visit to YouTube where there are countless yoga instructional videos.  Also pay attention to the bed that you sleep in.  Make sure to use a firm mattress with proper back support and try to always sleep on your back.  As this will help straighten your shoulders and is way more comfortable for the back than sleeping on your stomach.  Make sure that you use a pillow to provide proper support and alignment for your shoulders. Try adding a rolled up towel under your neck and a pillow under your knees to further support your spine and if sleeping on your side use a relatively flat pillow between your legs which will aid in keeping your spine straight and aligned.  Bad posture can have an effect on not only your body’s physical state but also your attitude and other people perception of you.  So stand proud and tall and try these helpful suggestion.picture of couple laughing