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Want whiter teeth? Want whiter teeth?
Many have tried to find quick solutions in the quest for whiter teeth.  Well herein you will find the perfect solution and one that... Want whiter teeth?

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Many have tried to find quick solutions in the quest for whiter teeth.  Well herein you will find the perfect solution and one that will guarantee you 100 percent whiter teeth even into your latter years.

picture of Beautician preparing for cosmetic laser tooth whitening treatment at beauty saloon.

Nowadays you have different brushing techniques, fancy laser teeth whitening clinics, teeth whitening strips, gels and bleaching to name a few.  But actually there are a few techniques that one can use that can keep those pearly whites bright and shiny and they are prevention, prevention, prevention.  Yes the best way to combat darkening teeth is not to eat or drink the foods that will not only darken but also damage your teeth. Sound easy right?

A general rule to follow is that if a food can stain your T-shirt or carpet, it can certainly stain your teeth too so if you are a fan of coffee, cola drinks, red wine, colorful candy, soy sauce, beets and curry then you better re-think and re-plan your eating habits.  Yes these foods will set you back some money in the damage that they have done to your teeth already.

picture of sugar cube being dropped into coffee creating splashpicture of Composition with glasses and bottles of red wine

There are many foods that can remove bacteria which leads to plaque which is the substance that hardens in a yellowish tartar when you don’t brush your teeth right after eating.  You should eat these following foods to keep your teeth bright and shiny include:

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  •  crispy apples
  • Peanuts, walnuts or almost any nuts and seeds.
  • Baby carrots or any fresh vegetable like tomatoes, green bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli for example as the fiber in

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  • Grape-Nuts cereal
  • biscotti
  • granola bars
  • organic milk

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These foods will not only help in keeping your teeth nice and strong but also clean your teeth and stimulate saliva which is very helpful in keeping plaque from forming.  With these new tips in mind we hope that you can stick to a new approach to your diet and save yourself a lot of money and pain and even show those pearly whites again in every smile you bring to your face again.