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Nordic Walking For a Stronger You! Nordic Walking For a Stronger You!
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Would you like to get your day started with a good early morning walk? Of course you do! So... Nordic Walking For a Stronger You!

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

Would you like to get your day started with a good early morning walk? Of course you do! So let us talk about one of the latest walking techniques being used across the USA.

Taking a good walk through the nieghborhood or park has proven to be a good workout for keeping our bodies in shape and healthy.
A good brisk walk can be just a benefit to both your hearts health and body’s weight.

Considering that less than half of Americans meet the government’s recommendation of at least 2.5 hours of moderate to intense aerobic exercise a week. Walking has helped push that rate up. Walkers lower their risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as runners. While vigorous running requires slightly higher levels of energy than moderate intensity walking, both translate into a parallel drop in incidence of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease. The more you walk, the greater the benefit in lowering your heart disease risk and the greater the weight loss.nordic walk

Reduced Risks in Walking vs Running

Here are some of the reduced risks that studies have found in in both running and walking:

•Running significantly reduced the risk for being diagnosed with hypertension by 4.2% while walking reduced the risk by 7.2%

•Running reduced the chances of having high cholesterol by 4.3% and walking by 7%

•Running lowered risk of diabetes by 12.1% while walking dropped the risk by 12.3%

•Running reduced coronary heart disease risk by 4.5% compared to 9.3% for walking.

The results are motivating since walking may be more appealing and easier for more people than running. Running is a more intense form of physical activity. Runners are able to burn more calories and exercise the heart to higher levels within a shorter period of time, but the results support the idea that any physical activity, as long as it is consistent, can have lasting benefits

Now, how can we get walking to become a good exercise not only for our hearts health, but also to shed some fat off and tone muscle tissue? New walking techniques have been put into practice in the USA! Such as:

Nordic walking poles

Nordic walking poles is an exercise that includes the use of two little poles to your 30 min to an hour walk. It might not look like much, but it can boost your calories burnt count upto 46 percent. Not only will it give you an extra burn on calories, but you’ll also tone your arms and abs. That’s because planting a set of Nordic poles into the ground with your every step recruits the muscles in your upper body. You might look like you´re going on an early morning snow ski in the middle of the summer, but don’t worry about what people may think. Think strength in numbers and grab a friend! You’ll slim down and catch up on the latest gossip.

nordic walkingLearn The Technique

Take these three simple steps to become a pole-walking pro:

•Drag the poles: Slip your hands into the straps at the top of the poles and begin walking, moving opposite arm with opposite leg and letting the poles drag behind you. Notice how the poles naturally fall at a 45 degree angle.

•Plant the poles: Take hold of the grips lightly and keeping the poles angled where they naturally fall (about 45 degrees), place them firmly into the ground for a brief second brief second. Be sure to keep your arms close to your body.

•Push the poles: Once you feel comfortable planting the poles, use a little more force and push them behind you into the ground. Aim to move your arm behind you, past your hip before releasing the pole. Then as your arm swings forward, reach forward (as if you were reaching out to shake someone’s hand), keeping your arm relatively straight.

This technique has become the latest talk among the people and it is proving to be very effective. Take it into practice for a week´s worth and you’ll note a good weight loss, its heart benefits, and how great your body will start to look!
Well, this is all for now, my fellow readers. I hope to have given you a good insight in today’s topic. I look forward to reading any comments or suggestions you may have on our webpage. Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay fit!