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Unhealthy effects of loud music Unhealthy effects of loud music
We all love to hear a good tune even loud at times in the privacy of your home or car but did you know... Unhealthy effects of loud music

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We all love to hear a good tune even loud at times in the privacy of your home or car but did you know that listening to music which is too loud for prolonged periods can not only do permanent damage to your ears but to your mind and soul as well.

While on vacation this winter we came across a building in which many people were congregating for an apparent church service.  All of a sudden the preacher begins to blare very loud on the speakers and is immediately followed by a chorus of very loud bad organ music.  I was appalled at the high volume that they had their speakers and the effects that this music was going to have on the congregation as someone walking by had mentioned that the service would last around 3 hours.  My heart went out to the people in the congregation who had to endure this madness and all just to hear the word of God.

The thing is that when music is too loud it can block out our senses and we soon lose touch with reality and to hear our inner thoughts and also lose the ability to think clearly.  Our thinking, actions and decisions are affected and changed under prolonged exposure to loud music and most importantly a moral apathy which is a state of indifference from the suppression of emotions such as motivation, excitement, passion and concern is created in the individual which can lead to an individual feeling that they do not have the level of skill required to confront a challenge and it may also be a result of an individual perceiving no challenge at all and can create a feeling of learned helplessness which in light of the insurmountable predictable certainty of the end of the world this apathy becomes the default mode for existential nihilism and is not considered to be a pathological state for those experiencing it and will most surely give them a feeling of lacking in purpose and meaning of life.  So many in the end result in saying “why should I work out or eat better” and thus a physically unhealthy and overweight person is created, all from listening to music which is too loud for prolonged periods of time. Loud music can also cause ulcers as over prolonged periods of time even certain stomach functions are disrupted and your stomach creates hydrochloric acid in response to the stress from the prolonged music and can even cause peptic ulcers for those listening to loud music continually.

The psychopathological impacts on an individual can differ from depression among females during their menstrual period to actually creating chemicals in the brain which are only found in people who are psychotic and or schizophrenic. A study was done in England in which 250 certifiably healthy people were played loud music for prolonged periods of time then tested.  These tests were taken to a psychologist who was not told on whom the test were done.  The psychologist came to the conclusion that the test were done at a psychiatric institute.

So the next time your thinking about going to a club or to see a local music group take some ear protectors which will shield and protect your ears for years to come.