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Towel Exercises Towel Exercises
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer I have mentioned in previous articles how you can find items at hand that can help you with your... Towel Exercises

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

I have mentioned in previous articles how you can find items at hand that can help you with your workout routine.  These options will be also helpful on your pocket, since you won’t have to spend any money. Items as simple as a towel can be useful for exercising. You will be surprise on the intensity of these exercises. Go ahead and try the different exercises mentioned in this article.

Always remember to stretch first and be constant with your workouts.

Here are some exercises you can try out:

towel workout

A towel can be used as an aid to stretching and working out.

First Movement

Stretch your arms in front of you as high as your shoulders height and hold the towel with both hands. Pull the towel on both sides. Slowly move the towel up and down without bending your arms and wrists. Repeat up to 20 times

Second Movement

Just like the first movement, except that this time, bend your arms towards you. Also try to repeat 20 times.

Third Movement

In this movement you are still going to hold the towel with both hands, but the movement is going to be the following. Exercise the biceps . Keep the towel with constant tension while you bring your hands towards your chest and after bring it down until the waist. Vary your movements from slow to fast. Do 4 groups of 10, 5 slow and 5 fast.

Fourth Movement

Keep holding the two ends of the towel, but this time you are going  to move your arms like a pendulum, from side to side. Maintain your arms tense and don’t elevate your arm above your shoulders. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Fifth Movement

Prepare this movement also holding your towel but this time hold it above your head. Keep your neck is straight and move your arms sideways bending also your waist.  Feel how you stretch both sides of your waist. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Sixth Movement

Posture is crucial in this exercise! Raise your chest towards the sky. Hold the towel behind your butt, with your arms stretch. Move your arms up and down towards your butt. Do 5 group repetitions of 5 seconds each. Make sure your head and neck don’t move to the front of you. Keep your chest up and your arms stretch at all times.

For a flat abdomen

Lie down on the floor and stretch your arms while holding the towel in front of you. Make sure your legs are also stretch on the floor, keep your body straight. Slowly raise your upper body holding the towel until you are in a sitting position. Do 15 movements up and down.

Well Formed Gluteus

Lie down on the floor and bend your knees towards you, so that your legs are in a pyramid position. Place the towel between your knew and hold it. Lift up your gluteus. Put pressure on your knees for 20 seconds. Try to pressure more for 20 seconds and more for another 20 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Exercise The Inferior Part of Your Body

Lie down sideways with the arm stretch under your ear, the free arm you put infront of you for balance.  Make sure your thigh is on top of the other. Place a towel between your ankles and lift them up. Move them up and down and count until 10. Repeat 5 groups of 10 movements of up and down.

Stretch Your Backbone

Sit straight on a wooden or brick floor with your legs stretch and open infront of you. Make sure your legs are open as wide as your hips.  Place the towel between your legs and put your hands on the towel with pressure. Incline to the front of you, while stretching your back and vertebrate. Try to stretch your arms as far as you can and then slowly go back to your sitting position. Repeat 5 times and with each movement try to go further and further.

After trying your new exercises make sure you add it to your workout routine. You will be amazed by the results and happier when you see that it doesn’t take lots of gym equipment and machines to have the body you have always wanted. Keep in mind that what you eat is also just as important. So go ahead start your simple workout and see the results!