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Top Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp Top Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp
Remember all the times you shook someones hand heard them introduce themselves and then a second later you forget their name?  Well welcome to... Top Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp

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Remember all the times you shook someones hand heard them introduce themselves and then a second later you forget their name?  Well welcome to the club as everyone wants to have a sharp mind and memory.  By exercising your brain you can also improve your attitude as you will hardly ever forget an important detail and be able to more effectively make wiser decisions.  A clear definition of your goals and following through can help you in achieving your goals.  You must also discipline yourself with a positive attitude and surround yourself with like minded people who can support you and keep you on track.
So if your hanging around with people who encourage you to eat greasy fast food, energy drinks loaded with hazardous toxins and sit around all day in front of the television then you better rethink your eating habits if you want to have a brighter brain and memory.  Food has a tremendous effect of our brain and whole-being and your body and brain demands that it be fed properly to perform at its best and if it is not then you get into situations where serious health implications can happen aside from just forgetting everyone’s name.
Of course exercise will always be a determining factor in having optimal brain performance as one of the healthy effects of it is that it can relieve stress and this tension release alone will improve your thought patterns and the less stress that you have the sharper your mind will be.

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Pick up a pen or start writing in your computer as writing poetry, starting a diary or just writing your thoughts down is a great way to express yourself and also keep your motor skills sharp.  If writing is not your cup of tea then try learning a new language or learn how to play an instrument, take up gardening etc. remember that you are never to old to learn something new.  These are all great ways to relax, gather your thoughts and focus.
Its also good to treat and pamper yourself.  You will be happier and feel good and this is always good for your brain health.  Going to the spa or the beach for a day of beach combing can make all the difference in the state of your brain.  Taking up table games like chess, scrabble or monopoly can easily keep your brain alert and in a playful mood.  Letting the weight of mortgages, overdue school loans or a micromanaging bosses can ruin your mood and turn you into a stressed out coffee drinking cigarette smoking machine.  This will kill any hopes of you remembering people names as well as you being sharp and alert for work for when it really counts.
By learning new ways to keep your mind sharp and keen you can improve your mental abilities in domains like logic, mental orientation, corrective thought process and problem solving.  These exercises can help you to improve your rationality and with this comes the ability to make wise choices with a keen brain.