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Top Headache Triggers Top Headache Triggers
Tired of that old pounding debilitating migraine or less painful headache?  You’d be surprised at how easy it is to treat and prevent headaches... Top Headache Triggers

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Tired of that old pounding debilitating migraine or less painful headache?  You’d be surprised at how easy it is to treat and prevent headaches in the future and it can all be done throughout your normal everyday chores.  Herein are some things that may trigger your next headache.

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  • Of course dehydration has to be at the top of the list. The human body needs at least 3 liters of water to hydrate all your essential organs and also for your blood and manage your bowels and properly cleanse your body by way of urine of toxins.
  • picture of Clock with sleep at night. Wife could not sleepLack of sleep– Your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep per night to go through its healing and recovering process and to sort things out. This is the time that your brain sorts things out, solves problems and replaces chemicals in your body.
  • picture of Closeup portrait of beautiful young lady enjoying black coffee at home Coffee– This tasty but bad treat will set your body up for a roller-coaster ride for the rest of the day as the caffeine jolts will boost your heart rate and shortly thereafter boost it again as you go through caffeine withdrawal.  Overtime this will eventually lead to chronic adrenal exhaustion, heart disease, heart failure, stroke, liver disease.
  •  picture of Plate of fresh chicory with pecorino cheeseMeal skipping will also give you headaches as your body needs to eat something every 3-4 hours and by going longer than this you are withholding valuable nutrients that you body needs to function properly.
  • picture of Conceptual image of papers coming out of a mans head with pain expressionStress of course will trigger a headache if not properly managed.  Remove yourself from stressful situations and most importantly don’t forget to breath as your body needs oxygen to function properly.
  • Of course your diet will also have an impact on any headaches that you may get.   If you’re eating candy bars all day and chasing them down with power drinks than you’re basically a poster child for a headache ad.  Stay off that junk and eat fresh fruits nuts and seeds and ever most importantly DO NOT DRINK POWER DRINKS!!!  They may boost “healthy” ginseng products but actually are more addictive than cocaine and the extremely and dangerously high sugar content is what drives your heart rate through the roof.   You are sure to suffer from heart disease and other dangerous diseases if you continually drink these “drinks”.

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If you can identify your headaches do something about it and try to use medication only as a last alternative.  Yoga and massage therapy are great for headache prevention as it nurtures, breaks down and repairs your body which give your brain something less to worry about.

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