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Top 3 Fit Places to go this Easter Break Top 3 Fit Places to go this Easter Break
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Well Easter break is here and many out there are wondering where to go this spring break.  Images of... Top 3 Fit Places to go this Easter Break

Tropical beach

By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer

Well Easter break is here and many out there are wondering where to go this spring break.  Images of green palm threes lightly swaying over the Caribbean turquoise waters with piña coladas resting on the bar top flash through my mind when I think of spring break so knowing where to go can make all the differences in the quality of this Easter break and by taking advantage of the healthy benefits of a vacation you will have a more rewarding experience. Your budget will also have a lot to do with the quality as some people opt to spend little on room and spend a lot on food, drinks and other fun stuff.  And other people like to keep themselves in nicer accommodations and budget themselves on food and drinks.
There are many options of course as to where to go and by taking a look at these locations you will have a better field of range in choices and depending on your age be able to be around those who are also looking for the same spring break experience that you are.

Of course we have to start off with the sunny Caribbean and islands off the coast of Florida where many will be going not only to soak in the sun but some suds as well named Matlacha/Pine Island Located just west of Ft. Meyers, the tiny town of Matlacha is the perfect island getaway for a quiet and relaxing vacation. With many local art galleries, wonderful dining and cafes and spectacular fishing, you’ll be wishing you could buy a winter home here. The islands also offer great scuba diving and snorkeling and other fun water sports activities like windsailing, sailing and kayaking.

Cafe and pool on a tropical beach - travel background

If you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of traveling to the beaches of Mexico you could try a still undiscovered jewel in the Caribbean by the name of The Bay Islands  These three wonderful islands are somewhat still untouched with only small areas of them catering to the tourist which visit them as the three islands themselves stand on the second largest barrier reef and many scuba divers from all over the world flock to visit its reefs and one scuba dive shop there in particular certifies more scuba Open Water student than any other shop in the world.  Besides scuba diving these islands also offer a variety of water sports which will keep you as busy at having fun as you want. The nightlife can be what you want it to be and there are many outdoor restaurants and bars which grill some delicious fish and meat dishes. And if you’re interested in white water rafting you can hope across a hour and a half on a ferry to La Ceiba which is on the mainland and visit its rapid 5 rated category rivers that swish through the most beautiful jungle sights that you will ever see and experience.

heart-shaped tropical island

Said to have one of the top five beaches in the world, Formentera is a small island off Ibiza also voted the world’s best club many times over The Space Club is one of the jewels of Ibiza even for the non-clubbers amongst us. It’s sheer size makes the club feel more like a festival with its labyrinth of indoor and outdoor spaces and featuring the world’s best DJs and amazing night and day parties.  This space brings theatrical and musical extravaganzas of the highest magnitude and even Cirque du Soleil performers have been known to walk around performing their trades and when dusk arrives so too does the dancing and reveling. Ibiza port is chic and sophisticated area of Ibiza where you can wine and dine, shop. Ibiza is a medley of streets and cull-de-sacs which entice you to explore and most of the time wind up at some café or bar overlooking the beautiful waters of Ibiza.
Hopefully you will be able to make a good choice in where to go this spring break and wherever you go be safe and try to stay out of trouble or at least the bad.