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Tips to alleviating that chesty cough Tips to alleviating that chesty cough
Colds and coughs are very normal around this time of year and with the added stress of the holiday grind they just seem to... Tips to alleviating that chesty cough

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Colds and coughs are very normal around this time of year and with the added stress of the holiday grind they just seem to last forever.  This is also particularly troublesome as this condition may lower your immune system and thus leave you more susceptible for other viruses that are out there.  The most common system is of course the chesty or dry cough which forces an expulsion of phlegm and mucus through your mouth.  This of course is telling you that you have something that is interfering with your normal breathing well being.  The majority of the coughing is always set off by a cold or a flu which triggers an buildup of mucus in a person’s chest.  Other triggers for this can arise from smoking, allergies and asthma but some coughs may be symptoms of something far more serious like pneumonia, bronchitis or other pulmonary diseases.  The life span of the average cough after a battle with the flu may last for up to three weeks but most pass quickly and are almost always easy to treat with natural remedies or drugs from the pharmacy.

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It’s always good to remember that coughing is a symptom and not the disease itself.  Many viral infections will cause such coughing and can be treated with antibiotics and will have you feeling better within a week.  Now if you coughing is accompanied with dark or green colored mucus then this is a bacterial infection and a Doctor should be consulted as to the treatment thereof.

The following are some treatment tips to get you feeling better the next time your feeling under the weather.

  • picture of honey and the lemonAn old remedy of cutting a lemon or lime in half and dipping it is a bowl of honey then sucking on it will always do the trick as the honey will relieve your throat and reduce the chances or re-occurrence and the vitamin C in the citrus will give your immune system an extra boost.
  • picture of Dark skinned ethnic female holding bottle of waterDrink lots of water.  Your body needs to flush out all the virus toxins from your organs and the more water you drink the faster your body will rid itself of these evil doers.
  • picture of no  milkDo not drink milk or consume any dairy products as these will trigger the arousal of more mucus and phlegm.
  •  picture of beauty woman sleep on the pillowRest is the most important thing to do your body needs time to focus all of its immune systems energy to repair and attack and destroy the virus.
  • picture of Young woman sitting on wooden bench at saunaA visit to the local spa’s sauna or just a hot shower will also do the trick of reducing the amount of phlegm and mucus and will make it easier to dislodge from your system as it thins it out.

All these are always good suggestions but practice caution if the coughing last longer than usual and if other symptoms like light headyness, blood in your mucus arises as you should consult a trained medical professional to better advice and treat you.