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Tips For Early Morning Exercise Tips For Early Morning Exercise
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer So, are you the morning type of person or are you the lazy type that doesn’t like to get... Tips For Early Morning Exercise

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer

So, are you the morning type of person or are you the lazy type that doesn’t like to get up to get your day started with a action packed body workout? Face it, no one likes to rise and shine. Even if your alarm is set for a trip to the Bahamas, warm sheets are preferred over when you are in that sleepy state. Most of the time, it is not that you are dreading the workout, you are just dreading jumping out of bed.

But, do you know why you should exercise in the morning? Well, in first place, it jump starts your metabolism for the day, which is the energy boost that you need in order to carry out your daily dues, Two, you are more likely to be consistent with exercising through out the day, and three, you may have a jam packed schedule through out the week and will not be able to fit in that evening workout. But on the other hand, If you complete it in the morning, it is already done and over with!

You will most likely never love it, or who knows, maybe you will, but these simple steps that I am bringing to you will make it a little bit easier to get out of bed and break a sweat. Just do not be intimidated, it may seem hard at first, but your body will sooner or later get used to it.

Step #1: Get Ready the Night Before

early morning workout

Going to bed early is the best way to be well rested and ready for an early morning workout.

Place your clothes out so that you can jump into them as soon as you get up. Fill your water container; charge your mp3 player, a small sweat towel, and whatever other gear you might need to take to the gym along with you. This will allow you to get up and be out the door quicker. If you are working out at home, prepare your mat and other equipment you use in your routine.

Step #2: Allow Yourself Raise Slowly 
Set your clock to snooze once or twice if you have to. Often, your body only needs to readjust itself instead of hopping straight from under the sheets and out of bed. Take your sweet time to enjoy a cup of coffee/orange juice and read for 10 to 15 minutes. Feeling forced to wake up right away, will provoke you to resent it even more. Your body will let you know when it is ready to get up and moving.

Step #3: Get Outside Of The House
Do something different for a change like going for a walk or running outdoors. Getting some fresh air and different scenery should help motivate you to get up. Plus, if you normally go outside, you should want to wake up earlier to beat the summer heat and not get caught up with with extremely hot weather!

Step #4: Trying Something Out Of the Normal
Find a new workout routine and exercises, or a new playlist on your mp3. Buy a new workout top. Because, sometimes all you need is a change of pace to jumpstart your energy.

Step #5: Keep In Mind The Alternatives
You might want to become a morning exerciser because you can not even imagine the idea of exercising  after a long day at work. As your alarm sets off in the morning, think about how great you will feel all day knowing that your exercise for the day is already said and done. Being able to go straight home after work will make you feel great.

Really, as I mentioned above it is all in your mind. With enough sleep, which means getting the recommended 9 hours of sleep, your body can exercise in the morning. You just need to tell yourself positive things like, once you are up and about, you will feel awake and rejuvenated.

You might not  always need to exercise in the morning, but you can try switching it up daily based on how you feel and what your schedule looks like through out the day.

Well, I hope that these tips can be of good use to you and that soon you will become a morning person to enjoy what you have been missing out on each morning.