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Tips for Dry Skin Tips for Dry Skin
by Staff writer Eddy Barillas For many out there dry skin can be rough and dull in appearance as some are born with dry... Tips for Dry Skin

picture of senior citizenby Staff writer Eddy Barillas

For many out there dry skin can be rough and dull in appearance as some are born with dry skin while others develop it over time due to many different factors.   One big problem with dry skin is that it ages faster than normal skin as it lacks the necessary moisture and oils to maintain the skin nurtured, supple and soft.    Improper skin care will also cause dry skin as many people often neglect the basic skin care regimes like washing or moisturizing the skin.

Overexposure to sunlight may also trigger dry skin and severe weather conditions ranging from heat or cold and even artificial room heating and cooling systems may also be he culprit when dry skin shows up.


Is also important not to wash your face with soap or the latest face wash too often during the day, normally it is advisable to wash your face in the morning and then at night before going to bed and then only use a light soap or in other words a soap that is not strong in fragrance but low in quality.   Its always best to spend a little more on moisturizing soaps, which will leave your skin moist and still smelling great.   Many is a people that will skimp on hygiene materials thinking that they are saving themselves some money but in reality are running their own health by buying products that are cheap and contain substances that can not only dry the skin out but increase your rate of wrinkles dramatically.


It’s always wise to wash your face with warm water followed by a suitable and worthy moisturizer or face lotion that will keep your skin moist.  Also try to use other alternatives to sunscreen like Aubrey Natural Sun or Alba Botanica Mineral Sunscreen or anything but those commercial brand sunscreen that are filled with dangerous chemicals that are designed not to keep the sun away from you but to cause harmful and permanent damage to your skin and everything else inside of you.   Various studies have shown and are still revealing to the day the many toxic chemicals which are in sunscreen and the deadly harmful effects they can have on you like skin cancer, skin tumors and even liver disease from the vast abundance of chemicals in the sunscreen.    While on the subject of chemicals do stay away from commercial brand insect repellents that contain dangerous and deadly chemicals that will certainly ruin and age your face dramatically.   Always stick to natural lotions that contain honey, natural nut oils like almond and also


Don’t be afraid of the sun as your skin desperately needs its shinning rays to fortify your skin with vitamin D which is very important in helping your body more effectively absorb calcium and also enhances the functions of vitamin A, C and many other vitamins that you have or are about to consume and is vitally important in keeping a shinning flawless look about your skin.  Vitamin D will also improve your blood circulation to keep a steady and healthy flow of blood into all the blood vessels on your face and thus give you that rosy cheeks look which is envied by many.picture of woman splashing water on her face

If you really are serious about the state and fate of your facial skin try honey as a moisturizer as it is so rewardingly rich in healthy nutrients and will definitely give you that shinning glowing face, just apply it to your face and neck and wash off with warm water after fifteen minutes and the best part is that you can lick your fingers afterwards.  Your diet should be full of fresh fruits, vegetables, natural protein, garlic, milk and eggs, lots of water and most importantly your required amount of sleep per night.  The lifestyle that you choose that live will show on your face so if your staying up and pounding cocktails and beers till the wee hours and then getting up early to go to work then you have some rethinking to do about how you want your face to look like in ten, twenty or even thirty years from now.  Fast food will ruin your face for sure so stay clear from all of it even if they boost healthy salads that have been shown in past studies to contain more carbs than the burgers themselves!

All of these will certainly reflect on your skin and put that extra step in your walk as you walk by every mirror and also improve your self-esteem and long term health for good.