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Three quick bites for a healthy diet Three quick bites for a healthy diet
Most people know that having snacks throughout the day can be great for your diet and can help one achieve muscle tone and fat... Three quick bites for a healthy diet

Most people know that having snacks throughout the day can be great for your diet and can help one achieve muscle tone and fat loss.  But if you act too quickly and reach for the first high fat, high sugar and high calorie item that you see on the shelf it can have devastating effects to your overall health and diet.

Careful care and consideration should be had in order to get the most out of your diet and use your snacks to your advantage.  Be sure not to go to long without food before eating a snack as this can easily trigger your brain to tell your body to stop burning metabolism to conserve energy (when the body goes to long without food your it thinks that it is starving so it goes into hibernation mode to conserve energy) and thus you loss less weight. Also, be sure to drink your ration and a little bit more of water throughout the day because although most of us take it for granted, water may be the only true instrument for permanent weight loss and incredible as it may seem, water is quite possibly the most single important tool in losing weight and keeping it off for good.


Keeping fresh fruit around as a healthy snack is a good way to keep from eating junk foods.

The following are some helpful suggestions as to what snacks you can eat to get the most out of diet.

  1. Fresh and glorious fruit- keep a Tupperware full of it in the fridge and whenever you have the urge to eat nibble on those.  If you don’t know where to start as far as the fruits, start with the alphabet and work your way through it; A-apple, B-banana, C-cantaloupe, D- dates etc.  You can change every week or every day and also important you will be teaching yourself about the wonderful and healthy fruits that mother earth has to offer.
  2. What’s your favorite type of peanut?  Don’t have one well, try roasting your own peanuts or buy a large jar of them and keep them on the kitchen counter at all times.  Whole peanuts contains high amount of protein, which makes it the preferred diet of those engaged in bodybuilding and those who are underweight and weak. Peanuts are a great source of the highly concentrated antioxidant polyphenols, in particular p-coumaric acid and roasting peanuts can increase its p-coumaric acid levels which boost it’s over antioxidant content by as much as 22%.  Roasted peanuts rival the antioxidant content of blackberries and strawberries and are way richer in antioxidants that apples, carrots and beets.  Unsalted peanuts are also fabulous for your heart as it contains monounsaturated fat which has been shown to lower ones blood cholesterol.
  3. Keep a plate of dark chocolate in the fridge.  Yes that’s right, dark chocolate can be a healthy snack too. Chocolate is made from plants, which means that it contains many of the health benefits of dark vegetables like broccoli, spinach and romaine lettuce.  These great benefits come from the flavonoids which relax blood pressure through the production of nitric acid and helps in balancing certain hormones in the body which act as antioxidants and as we well know that antioxidants protect the body from natural again cause by free radicals which can cause damage that can lead to cardiovascular disease.  Dark chocolate is also known to contain 8 times the number of antioxidants that are found in strawberries.

By adhering to these simple suggestions you will be sure to receive the benefits of healthy snacks and most importantly you will be helping your family shed those extra pounds as well.  Happy snacking!