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Those Video Games Might Just Drive You to The Grave Earlier Than You Thought Those Video Games Might Just Drive You to The Grave Earlier Than You Thought
Do you love to play video games and spend hours on end doing so? Well this too might be horribly bad for your... Those Video Games Might Just Drive You to The Grave Earlier Than You Thought
picture of kids playing computer games

kids playing computer games


Do you love to play video games and spend hours on end doing so?  Well this too might be horribly bad for your health, well-being and mental state.  I was recently downloading a new video game and going through the motions of the download procedures but when it got to the license agreement I stopped cold in my tracks and stared at a single word, EPILEPSY, I thought what the heck does EPILEPSY have to do with video games and then I continued to read…  “…a small portion of the population has a condition which has caused them to experience epileptic seizures and or encounter a momentary loss of conscience when viewing certain kinds of flashing lights and or patterns.   These people may experience seizures while watching certain types of television pictures… and certain people may also have epileptic symptoms that have no previous history of epilepsy or seizures. “     Ok, that makes since in today’s unregulated media and health industry.   The more you engage in these games that are specifically designed to impair your brain to the point of causing all types of illnesses the worst off you will be in the end game.

Therapist for decades have used visual aids in order the positively treat and care for a client who has an ache, disorder or illness with many positive results.  But a new dawn has risen upon us with video and computer games which entertain, teach and even addict children and many adults if not properly managed.   These violent games are easily blamed by the media and many experts as to the reason why many youths become violent and or commit extreme anti-social behavior.  The blame does not go on all video games but only the violent and thought provoking ones.  Video games in general can be educational as they can teach kids high level thinking skills which can develop their brains to the point of making your kids very smart and teaching them skills that they will need and use in the future.  “Video games change your brain,” according to University of Wisconsin psychologist C. Shawn Green.  He adds that video games can change the brains physical structure in the same way we learn to read, play or behave and like exercising other parts of your body video games will exercise your brain.  Keep in mind that these games are developed and produced by corporate companies that care nothing about your health and more about keeping you a willing student and lab rat of their agenda which is to turn you into a consumer who will only buy their fast food burger, sodas, medicine and video games, which if explained in layman’s terms will turn you into the cows that are now being corralled and fed what their owners want them to eat.

Video games should be able to teach our kids to follow instructions, hand eye coordination, logic, problem solving, spatial skills and fine motor skills.   They should also teach multitasking skills, quick thinking skills and even strategy and quick analization.  The list goes on and on as to the positive aspects of video games but when it comes to games which teaches our kids to kill and murder in hundreds of different ways then someone is and has gone too far.  Remember that these are your kids and the thought of someone else coming into your home and into your children’s bedrooms and teaching our kids, your kids, morals which will basically take them straight to the grave or prison is preposterous and evil.

If you are watching what your kids eat and only buying them foods which are nutritious and healthy them why not raid your kids video game collection and eject any that are teaching them evils which will not only harm their health with epilepsy and who knows what else but also harm their soul as well and all that time that you invested in them teaching them positive role model behavior was for nothing.