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The wonderful tomato The wonderful tomato
Tomatoes are actually a fruit and are packed with all types of health benefits for the body... The wonderful tomato

Tomatoes are actually a fruit and are packed with all types of health benefits for the body.  The substance called lycopene which the tomatoes contain and is a vital antioxidant that aids greatly in the fight against cancerous cells formation and well as other types of health diseases and complications.  The free radicals in our bodies can be flushed out with a high intake of foods that contain lycopene and although the substance lycopene is not naturally made within our bodies, our bodies require lycopene in order to make flush out the many toxins that we have in our bodies.  Cancers such as cervical, colon, prostate and cancers of the stomach, mouth esophagus and pharynx have all been proven to be kept at bay with high levels of lycopene.  In a recent study researchers introduced lycopene into pre-existing cells cultures and the lycopene ended up stalling the continuing growth of these cultures.

Tomatoes are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat.

The recommended dosage of one glass of tomato juice per day can add years to your life and keep you out of the doctor’s office. And did you know that when you cook tomatoes the level of lycopene actually increases. No wonder Italian chefs always look fit and sharp. Tomatoes are vastly used in Italy and utilized in almost every course of an Italian meal and are loved by people of all ages. Some dishes that are highly recommendable are pizza, pasta with marinara sauce, tomato soup with grilled cheese, tomato & mozzarella salad or just tomato salad.

Other foods high in lycopene can include watermelon, grapefruits (pink and red), dried parsley and basil, liver and chili powder to name a few.
If you desire to get the full health benefits of tomatoes, have them available at any time and have a great time, consider raising your own organic tomatoes. Gardening can be lots of fun, gets yo outside for some good old vitamin D from the sun and will reward you with juicy and tasty tomatoes loaded with lycopene.