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The Truth about Artificial Sweeteners! The Truth about Artificial Sweeteners!
by Ed Barillas- Staff Writer An artificial sweetener is a sugar substitute that imitates the taste of sugar with a lot less food energy... The Truth about Artificial Sweeteners!

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by Ed Barillas- Staff Writer

An artificial sweetener is a sugar substitute that imitates the taste of sugar with a lot less food energy with many more times the sweetness of sucrose.  The problem is that with all the additives that artificial sweeteners have it has been known to distort the body’s natural calorie counter playing tricks on the body and sabotaging weight loss efforts.  It has been shown in a recent report that artificial sweeteners probably interfere with our body’s natural ability to measure calories based on the sweetness of food and also makes people more apt to overindulge in sweet foods and beverages.   In layman’s terms, by drinking a diet soda rather than a naturally sweetened drink at mealtime may lower your calorie count but may also trick your body into believing that other sweet foods and drinks don’t have as many calories either and when this happens we lose our ability to judge foods calorie content based on its sweetness and will contribute to the rise in obesity and overweight rates around the United States. In the study two groups of rats were fed a mixture of high calorie, sugar sweetened with low calorie artificially sweetened liquids in addition to their regular diet and after ten days were given a high calorie chocolate flavored snack.  It was shown that those rats, which were fed the mixed liquids, ate more of their regular meal after eating the artificially sweetened snack and scientist came to the conclusion that the rat’s natural ability to compensate for the calorie intake in the chocolate snack was damaged.

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The message here is not to give up your diet soda plans but to give up all soda pop drinks as regular soda pop also contains artificial sweeteners.  Health psychologist Daniel C. Stettner PhD says that artificial sweeteners, “damage the body’s natural ability to count calories based on food’s sweetness is just one way in which food can be manipulated to change eating habits and contribute to obesity.”
He goes on to say that when manufacturers lower the sugar content in foods, they typically increase the fat or the salt content to compensate for any change in how it tastes or feels in the mouth. For example, sugar-free ice creams can be made higher in fat content and sugar free foods can still be calorie dense and that can mess up weight.”
For those of you who don’t know Aspartame is the basis of NutraSweet and Equal and is also used to flavor Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke and is also used to sweeten a range of foods you would not even begin to suspect like pancake syrup, ketchup and pizza sauce which is put on that fast food pizza that delivers to your home in thirty minute of less.

Various products in a supermarket laden with artificial sweetenersThis terrifying sweetening invention is credited for various and numberless woes like fibromyalgia, numbness in your legs and arms, joint pains, depression, memory loss, slurred speech, cramps and blurred vision to name a few.
The bi-products of aspartame are methanol and in juices is chemically bound so that it cannot be absorbed into the body, formaldehyde and formate which soft drink advocates say is only used in modest amounts and cannot be considered toxic.
Individuals who drink diet soft drinks on a daily basis may be at increased risk of suffering vascular events such as stroke, heart attack, and vascular death.  It was found in another study that those who drank diet soda drinks were 40 percent more likely to suffer from vascular events like high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and diabetes than those who did not drink soft drinks.

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These results can help inform you more about the dangers of artificially sweetened foods and most importantly drinks as kids throughout the nation are overindulging in soft drinks and even drinking it for breakfast.  We should be mindful and protect not only ourselves but our kids as well from these deceiving drinks and foods.