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The Changing View on Vaccinations The Changing View on Vaccinations
by Jeff Clemetson, Editor When ABC announced that former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy would be added as a host on the popular morning talk... The Changing View on Vaccinations

by Jeff Clemetson, Editor

When ABC announced that former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy would be added as a host on the popular morning talk show “The View” last month, people were outraged – not because of her bare-it-all past but because of her controversial stance on vaccinations. McCarthy believes and has publicly promoted the idea that vaccinations can lead to autism. The backlash toward ABC was immediate and harsh with medical journalists like New Yorker Magazine science writer Michael Specter who called ABC’s decision “dangerous…¬†for offering McCarthy a regular platform on which she can peddle denialism and fear to the parents of young children who may have legitimate questions about vaccine safety.”

jenny mccarthy

Jenny McCarthy

Ironically, the world did not have to wait for McCarthy’s debut on “The View” to make parents skeptical about the safety of vaccines, that happened just a few days after McCarthy’s hiring, courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). As reported by, the CDC initially put out a report on its Website that showed that over 98 million polio vaccines produced from 1955 to 1961 contained a cancer-causing virus called SV-40. The CDC took that page down as soon as people started reporting on it and since it has even had Google remove the cached version. The original page (which I saw for myself) covered information that was discussed at a meeting about vaccination safety and clearly the SV-40 contamination was a hot topic at that meeting.

But SV-40 isn’t the only concern that ¬†people like Jenny McCarthy have over vaccinations. Vaccinations have been blamed for increases in autism and Alzheimer’s and many other medical conditions over the years. The basis for the blame on vaccinations for these health problems comes from an additive that vaccinations used to prevent bacteria from growing in the vaccine and extend its shelf-life called Thiomersal – a compound that contains a type of mercury. Mercury is a known toxin to the body that is difficult to remove and leads to neurological disorders. Although the medical community has rejected the theory that Thiomersal is the cause of increased autism and Alzheimer’s, the drug companies quietly started removing it from vaccines until they were completely phased out of childhood vaccines by 2001.

vaccinesSo why take out Thiomersal if it is safe? Why put up a report on SV-40 contamination and then take it down? The answer is that the pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars from selling vaccines every year and if it came out that they were liable for diseased caused by the vaccinations,they would loose much of their profits in lawsuits. Also, vaccines, whether or not you believe they are harmful, have been extremely effective in wiping out some of the most deadly diseases the world has faced in the last 100 years. Polio was a common problem for my parents’ generation and I grew up not knowing a single person with polio – a testament to just how effective vaccination programs are in stopping disease.

But as with all things that make money, are promoted by government agencies and insurance companies, vaccines have been over-used, over-sold and under-explained by the scientific community. Mercury poisoning, viral contaminations, CDC cover-ups – these things will only lead to more suspicion about vaccines as well as halt progress toward making safer ones. By allowing the drug companies to avoid the lawsuits they deserve for the health problems caused by their vaccines and covering up the knowledge of the risks involved in vaccines, the CDC has made it harder for people to trust a medical tool that has the potential to wipe out all disease.

For parents who are rightfully worried by the news of cancer-causing vaccines and mercury-laced shots that can lead to autism and Alzheimer’s, the choices become even harder. Read up on the vaccines the doctor is selling you, ask questions and don’t get any unneeded vaccines like Chicken Pox that is better to deal with naturally. The more the medical industry realizes that people are skeptical, the more likely we may someday get the real truth about vaccines.