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New Virus Has WHO Worried
by Kimberly Allen, RN According to the World Health Organization, WHO, there is a new SARS-like virus that has been found in humans and is calling it “a threat to the entire world”.  The new virus is a member of the family of coronavirus.  So far the novel corona... Read more
Why Do Women’s Health Issues Matter?

What are women’s health issues, what makes them different, and why are they so important? In the US women account for 51% of the total population, in those over 65 years of age 59% are women …

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The Complete Cost of Obesity

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that obesity has reached epidemic proportions and is currently the fifth leading cause of death worldwide with approximately 3 million adults die every year due to over weight and obesity. The WHO also estimates …

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Epidemic or pandemic?

Most people think of epidemic and pandemic as being the same, however, they are not. though both terms do refer to an infectious disease that spreads rapidly the two are distinctly different…

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