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Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Miracle Weight Loss Food
by James Hundson, Contributing Writer A little flabby tummy and those spot fats are common problems with almost a majority of people these days. After all, when do you get the time to go to the gym after completing all those assignments at office and dealing with all the... Read more
Five Tips to a Flat Tummy
by James Hundson, Fitness Expert Everybody under the sun craves to be in the perfect shape throughout his/her life. So, if you feel that the paunch in the middle needs some trimming or you want to lose those love handles to sport a flat, toned up tummy, you need... Read more
The Sweet Benefits of Kicking Sugar Addiction
by Michelle LeSueur BeP, CNC, CSN, CPT Are you someone that has to have something sweet everyday?  Do you find that you crave it all the time?  Today many people struggle with addiction to sugar.  In the US, the average American consumes 160 lbs of sugar without even realizing... Read more
Green Coffee Bean Extract
by Kimberly Allen, RN For years I have seen and heard many products on the market today use the words “miracle” and “revolutionary” especially when it comes to weight loss products.  First of all when I hear those words I automatically become somewhat skeptical.  The latest craze is the... Read more
Failure to Thrive in Elderly

For years the term failure to thrive has been used to describe infants that can not gain weight as well as reach certain physical and cognitive development. However, as our population ages and medical care costs go up more and more older adults are developing failure to thrive …

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Three Surefire Ways to Stay Fit Focused

As Valentine’s Day approaches, most people begin losing the momentum they started with on January 1st. The tempting boxes of sweets and the allure of relaxing on the couch with your sweetheart takes hold, and before you know it, you’ve lost the drive to keep hitting the gym and eating clean…

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The Viciousness of Visceral Fat

Most people don’t realize that not all fat is created equal, one is definitely more dangerous than the other. Yes, there is more than one type of fat. There’s the fat you can pinch around your waist line, that’s called subcutaneous fat. And while it may make you cringe to look at, it’s the fat that’s underneath the muscles surrounding your organs that you don’t see that should really give you pause…

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The Importance of Hydration

Water is the main component in our cells that allows them to communicate with each other. Water is required for nearly all of our body’s functions. Any alteration in the level of water has varying degrees of detrimental effects on health…

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Don’t Just Stop Bad Habits, Start Good Ones

The New Year isn’t just a time for breaking “bad” habits it’s also a time when people think about their future and starting new healthier habits. However, just like those that begin the New Year determined to stop that “bad” habit many are unsuccessful…

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Why You Should Avoid Trans Fats

When Trans Fat first appeared about 100 years ago they appeared to be a great addition to the food industry. Not only did they improve the flavor and texture of foods they also prolonged the shelf life of numerous processed foods ranging from cookies and cakes to frozen pizzas. Unfortunately, later scientists discovered that Trans fats are also a health risk…

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