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Can Video Games Make You Fit?
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Have you grown out of those childhood days in which you used to play games like, manhunt, freeze tag, and kickball? Do you remember how much fun you had running and jumping from side to side in order to keep from being tagged? Yes,... Read more
Healthy Video Games
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer The video game industry has always left alot to be desired when it comes to how healthy their customers stay throughout their playing time with their product while plouched on a couch for hours at a time and stuffing their faces with everything imaginable... Read more
Those Video Games Might Just Drive You to The Grave Earlier Than You Thought

Do you love to play video games and spend hours on end doing so? Well this too might be horribly bad for your health, well-being and mental state. I was recently downloading a new video game and going through the motions of the download procedures but when it got to the license agreement I stopped cold in my tracks and stared at a single word, EPILEPSY, I thought what the heck does EPILEPSY have to do with video games and then I continued to read… “…a small portion of the population has a condition which has caused…..

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