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Do Vegans Get Enough Protein To Be Healthy? NO WAY!!!
The single most important issue with this topic is that vitamin B12 which is super essential for the human body to function properly can only be found in meat which is important for our body’s and for athletes as it affects the production of red blood cells.  In today’s... Read more
Vegan Carrot Soup
Ingredients   3 tablespoon Extra virgin olive oil 2 large white Spanish onions, diced 4 cloves garlic, finely diced 6 large carrots, washed and sliced (do not peel the carrot as this is where the nutrients are most concentrated) 8 new potatoes, washed and quartered 3 cups vegetable broth... Read more
The benefits of soy milk
Soy milk is called by many names: soya milk, soymilk, soybean milk and even or soy juice. It’s made by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them with water. In Asia, where soy milk originated, mostly all natives’ drink freshly made soy milk. Fresh soy milk is widely served in... Read more