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The Changing View on Vaccinations
by Jeff Clemetson, Editor When ABC announced that former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy would be added as a host on the popular morning talk show “The View” last month, people were outraged – not because of her bare-it-all past but because of her controversial stance on vaccinations. McCarthy believes... Read more
How Legit Are These Vaccines?

The vaccination premise began around 300 years ago when a pharmacist from the UK inserted cowpox pus under the skin of a pre teen boy. This experiment was rooted on an undeclared rumor that anyone who had had cowpox would be immune to smallpox. Throughout the years this scientist vaccinated other unfortunate people against smallpox without any proof of positive results, safety nor approval from the medical society. The scientist approached King George III so much with a deceitful presentation that the king award him

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The return of the measles

The return of the measles

Medical September 10, 2012

Measles also known as rubeola is a highly contagious childhood illness that is caused by a virus. Measles is an infection that affects the respiratory system and can be very serious, even fatal for young children. At one time measles was a very common illness, in fact it was so common that most people had become ill with the disease before the age of 20 …

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Are Vaccines Really Good For You?
Vaccines begun in 1796 when a British pharmacist named Edward Jenner injected pus under the skin of 8 year old boy as was based on an crazy rumor that anyone who had had cowpox would also be immune to small pox and went along to vaccinate many others with... Read more
New Wave of Polio-like Paralysis Across India Caused by Untested Vaccines

Bill Gates stated in a press conference that vaccines could reduce the world’s population by at least 15 percent and his foundation the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now publicly endorsing and financially backing a mass polio virus vaccine in India. He further stated that each newborn should be registered for vaccines as soon as possible to assure of the goal of 90% of the global population being given this virus vaccine. There were over 50,000 cases of polio…

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Understanding the immune system

Our bodies function by using a complex array of different systems. The immune system is a complex set of organs designed to prevent and defend our bodies against the many types of invaders just waiting for the chance to take over our bodies. It protects us from millions of different bacteria, and other microbes from viruses to parasites…

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The case for vaccination

Are vaccines important today? The short answer is, absolutely. As a parent it is one of the most important things you can do for your child. It could even be the greatest gift you will ever give them.

Vaccines are very weak or dead versions of the germs, also know as antigen, that are injected into the body…

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Get ready for chicken pox season

Believe it or not the common childhood illness chicken pox has a season, and this is it. Chicken pox is most prevalent in March thru May. It is thought that this is a time when our bodies immune system is at it’s weakest. The weather is changing and many people have been cooped up thru the long weeks and months of winter and are anxious to get outside…

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