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Intermittent Claudication
by Kimberly Allen, RN Intermittent claudication is described as a “tight, aching or squeezing pain in the calf, foot, thigh or buttocks that occurs during exercise.”  The reason it’s called intermittent is because the pain disappears after resting.  Claudication is the pain that occurs with exercise.  So basically intermittent... Read more
Lung Cancer
by Kimberly Allen, RN Lung cancer is the number one cause of death by cancer in both men and women not only in the US but worldwide.  The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be approximately 228,190 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed in the US with approximately... Read more
Be Resolute – Quit Smoking

Smokers now have another reason to consider quitting, as if there weren’t enough already. A recent study indicates that smoking along with other risk factors including high blood pressure has been associated with decreased brain function…

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Sinusitis by definition is an inflammation of the tissue that lines your sinuses. Estimates are that at least 37 million Americans suffer form sinusitis at least once every year…

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Don’t smoke but those around you do heres some good tips on detoxifying yourself
A reader recently asked a good question, she said,” I’m thinking about starting a detoxification as I have been eating out a lot and often have to eat out with smokers for business and since lately I have had a bloated stomach and have also been feeling loaded down... Read more
Wanna live longer and have better sex?  Just stop smoking
Anyway you look at it smoking is just bad for you.  Yes it may relieve stress or buy you that extra few seconds when thinking of something to say but for what’s its worth, smoking kills. Did you know that soon after you quit smoking your pulse and blood... Read more
Five easy tips to avoid aging your skin
  Health and lifestyle decisions can affect many of the external causes of aging skin and are determined by the decisions that you make every day. Making bad and unhealthy choices will most surely cause prematurely aging skin, and this makes you look older, faster. Here are 5 habits... Read more