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In love with massage therapy, or massage therapist?

The massage therapist/client relationship is a very intimate one, even more than the doctor/patient one in most cases. There is partial nudity and prolonged touch which can sometimes bring about some confusing feelings and emotions from a client and occasionally the massage therapist as well…

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The healing power of Shiatsu

Today in the Western world there is a movement promoting the return of a preventative approach to health rather than a reactionary one that relies heavily on pharmacologically based Western or Modern Medicine. Massage has been one of the complementary approaches to health that has …

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The many worlds of massage therapy

In the 15 years that I have been a massage therapist, I have seen many changes in the profession. When I began, there were a handful of different styles of massage. Today there are well over 200 different styles and approaches involving massage. This can be very confusing to the average massage consumer…

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