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Yoga: A Great Element For a Better Sex Life and Healthier You
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Are you constantly finding yourself having hard trouble to reach a satisfactory orgasm? Then I I’m going to suggest you try out Yoga! Yes, you read it right. Yoga is the best thing to do to up your libido and improve your sexual performance.... Read more
Sex – Key To A Younger You
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer I know that when it comes to it, this is not the most comfortable subject to discuss, but we are no longer children and sex is part of the reason for why our body tends to shine bright moments after. Plus, if it weren’t... Read more
Want Better Sex in your Marriage?
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Many have searched and continue to search for the secret to a happy and long sex life.  Books have been written on the subject, seminars held and online web pages devoted to giving you more information on this great and delicate subject.  Our sex... Read more
How Male Enhancers Can Shorten Your Life
  Before Viagra showed up on the scene billions upon billions of people were conceived without any help at all from heavy psychotropic drugs like Viagra.  You rarely would ever hear about anyone having a problem with his sexual performance or longevity of an erection.  But with the way... Read more
Better sex through yoga

Yoga techniques are traditions of the Asian region. These methods have been investigated and exported to the west because of its proven health benefits to the human body and mind …

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