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How To Live Longer & Live Better Senior Years
by Kimberly Allen, RN One thing that is not a national secret is the fact that as a society we are getting older.  In fact today there are more “old” people living in the world then at any other time in human history.  During  the reign of the Roman... Read more
Identifying Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s has become so prevalent and so associated to forgetfulness that I have frequently heard people say, “sorry, I had an Alzheimer’s moment,” whenever they forget something. All people loose some memory as they age and although Allzheimer’s is not a normal part of the aging process …

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Stay fit as a senior

As the “Babyboomers” age and the “senior citizen” population has increased, a great deal of research has gone into maintaining their health. As the population ages medical costs increase so a lot of the research has been focused on prevention. The most important discovery was that activity plays a much bigger role than previously thought…

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Stay in shape with low impact exercise

Low impact exercise by definition is exercise which involves minimal striking of a body part against a hard surface. Low impact exercise is not just for seniors or “mall walkers.” there are numerous low impact exercises in every exercise category know to exist…

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