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In love with massage therapy, or massage therapist?

The massage therapist/client relationship is a very intimate one, even more than the doctor/patient one in most cases. There is partial nudity and prolonged touch which can sometimes bring about some confusing feelings and emotions from a client and occasionally the massage therapist as well…

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Things to keep in mind before your next massage

Are you a massage neophyte, occasional dabbler or seasoned massage aficionado? Whatever type you are, chances are that are things your massage therapist might not have covered with you, in terms of how to prepare for, what to do during, and what to do post-session…

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Massage: The path to natural well being

How often do we pause from our labors, rub our necks and shoulders, and say, “Man, I need a massage!” You’re not alone. In fact, touch is a basic need in the human condition, so it’s no surprise that massage is in its renaissance in the Western world. Since our daily lives are impacted by ever-increasing levels of stress, nagging aches and pains diminish our quality of life…

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