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How Safe Are Energy Drinks?

Since 1997 when Red Bull hit the market, energy drinks have become the newest “trendy” thing. There are now several other “energy drinks” on the market, and you can find them everywhere. In addition to that every time you turn on the TV or open a magazine there’s an advertisement touting the wonders of these drinks.

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New York City’s Bans On Oversized Soft Drinks
Viewed as an important first step in beginning a dialogue in reducing New York City’s soaring obesity rate Mayor Bloomberg stepped forward with a new plan to put into march a ban on the sale of 20 oz. cups in all restaurants, street carts and movie theaters?  The standard... Read more
Naturally Boost Your Metabolism
By Ed Barillas-Staff Writer Wether your trying to regain that figure you had in your earlier years or perhaps your into working out and weightlifting and tired of all those synthetic metabolism booster pills that all but turn you into a nervous junky or maybe you just want to... Read more
Unhealthy Snacks are Damaging our Kids Health
  A recent study in a health journal has shown that our kids are addicted to junk food and are getting bigger and hungrier by the minute.  Kids nowadays have three extra meals per day in the form of unhealthy snacks, mostly composed of utter junk food and junk... Read more