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The Verdict is in…Drink More Water
The amount of water that you drink per day can make all the difference in your health and well-being.  So how much water should you drink to keep yourself hydrated and healthy?  Well, you must be able to drink the proper amount of water to keep your body functioning... Read more
Can Drinking Water Help Loss Weight ?
Just because you sit all day at your air conditioned office doesn’t mean that you don’t need to drink water.  Some think that if they don’t sweat they don’t need to drink as much water or even their daily recommended allowance.  The human body needs around 64 ounces of... Read more
Bottled Water Anyone?
By Staff Writer: Ed Barillas What’s best to drink after a good and hard work out, water right? Well the type of water that you are drinking may not be good for you if it’s bottled.  For decades the bottled water industry has promoted an image of purity, health... Read more