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Don’t Waste Rx
by Kimberly Allen, RN Last week the government agency responsible for the welfare of children here in Honduras paid an unannounced visit to one of our local orphanages. Their biggest complaint was there were medications with expiration dates that had past, but it wasn’t only medications they told the... Read more
Prescription Drug Abuse on the Rise

Abuse of prescription drugs has been steadily increasing and while it is more prevalent in the US it is also a significant public health issue in many areas around the world. In the US, over 2,500 teens 12 to 17 ears of age will abuse a prescription pain pill for the first time everyday…

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New York I-STOPs prescription drug abuse

When most people think of the war on drugs, they picture the DEA gunning it out with brutal cartels in places like Mexico and Columbia. But for residents of New York, the war on drugs took a more legislative twist to the fight. And against some of the most profitable drug cartels in the world – prescription drug manufacturers…

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