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Healthy Tips To Avoid Osteoporosis
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer We  all know that with age comes the scary risk of osteoporosis, an illness in which you lose mineral density in your bones, making them weak, frail and liable to breaking. It is a disease that doesn’t discriminate; men as well as women can... Read more
Hip Fractures

As we are now securely in the middle of winter there’s ice and snow covering the roads, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. This makes walking very dangerous, especially for seniors…

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Dairy Debates

Milk, some love it, some hate it. Whatever your personal preference milk continues to be one of those things the experts just can’t seem to agree on. Though most do agree it does have it’s pro’s and con’s like many other foods. There are also certain things to consider when it comes to milk consumption…

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Medical June 15, 2012

Where osteoarthritis affects the cartilage in the joints, osteoporosis affects the bone, more specifically the density of the bone(s).
Osteoporosis literally means “porous bone”. Osteoporosis affectsover 55% of the people in the US 50years and older. It affects women more than men, approximately 80% of all diagnosed cases are women…

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Ice cold soda your drink of choice, you may want to rethink that
Do you enjoy an ice cold soda with the delicious burning sensation at the end that leaves you satisfied and rejuvenated?  Well sadly there are chemicals being put into our soft drinks that are not only bad for us but potentially life threatening. Right off the bat carbonated sodas... Read more
Up you Calcium intake Lower your chances of Osteoporosis
Did you know that the diet that you presently have is probably depleting the bones in your body of important nutrients and also increasing your chances of developing osteoporosis?  Well all these new and promising quick weight loss diets that continually dangle but never deliver its promised weight loss... Read more