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Alternative treatments for MS

Today many patients diagnosed with chronic inflammatory disease like MS are turning to natural and alternative medicine to treat the symptoms of their disease. Alternative medicine is a term used to describe any and all forms of treatment that has no scientific proof or documented clinical studies verifying it as safe and or effective…

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A look at Multiple Sclerosis

In MS, the myelin tissue that acts as insulation for the nerves in the brain and spinal cord deteriorates. The damage caused to the myelin tissue causes the transmission of nerve impulses to be slowed or even blocked. There are four subtypes of MS listed by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society…

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Multiple Sclerosis may have simple cure
Multiple Sclerosis has long been treated life as a lifelong debilitating nerve degeneration.  The disease affects around 3 million people around the world always causing mental and physical disabilities that can destroy any quality of life for those with this disease MS. It has long been known and accepted... Read more