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What is PBA?

I was surprised to discover that despite how unknown the condition is, that at least 2 million Americans suffer from PBA…

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The Soft Drink Controversy Continues
There is a controversy stirring up in India as to whether harmful chemicals along with pesticides are really found in products made by the Coca-Cola Company.  An independent organization in New Delhi, India stated that aerated waters produced by soft drink manufacturers that goes for Pepsi as well, was... Read more
What are autoimmune diseases?

Autoimmune disorders occur when there is a malfunction in our body’s immune system. At the center of our immune system are cells whose specific job is to recognize the “good guys” or healthy tissue/cells, and the “bad guys” the invaders. When one of these cells malfunctions it is unable to tell the difference between healthy tissue and invaders…

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Multiple Sclerosis may have simple cure
Multiple Sclerosis has long been treated life as a lifelong debilitating nerve degeneration.  The disease affects around 3 million people around the world always causing mental and physical disabilities that can destroy any quality of life for those with this disease MS. It has long been known and accepted... Read more