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Monsanto’s Bee Problem Fix? GM Bees
by Jeff Clemetson, Editor When it comes to doubling down on bad science, bad environmental practices and bad policy, there truly is no one better at it than Monsanto. Despite the fact that every impartial study done on the subject points to the use of neonicotinoids as the main cause... Read more
GMO Corn Banned in Mexico
by Jeff Clemetson, Managing Editor Corn has always been a dietary staple for the people of Mexico. Long before the Conquistadors captured Central America, corn was the staple crop for the Mayans and other civilizations that thrived in the regions of Mexico. The importance of corn’s natural heritage is... Read more
How The Farm Bill Makes The U.S. Fat, But Makes Mexico Even Fatter
by Jeff Clemetson, Editor While much of the media has been covering how cold-hearted House Republicans are to cut off America’s needy by eliminating the food stamp program from their version of the Farm Bill, hardly anyone has mentioned that both parties leave in place the giant subsidies for... Read more
GMO UPDATE: Peaceful Protests, Threats of War and Blades of Wheat
by Jeff Clemetson, Editor Opponents of GMO giant Monsanto have certainly given it their all these last few weeks. First there was the March Against Monsanto on May 25 that drew over 2 million protesters from around the globe to speak out against the dangers of the biotech company’s... Read more
Why We Need to March Against Monsanto
by Jeff Clemetson, Editor As I began writing this GMO update in advance of the upcoming worldwide March Against Monsanto on May 25, I wanted to include all the latest news about just why we should take the time to rally against the chemical and biotech firm. The last few... Read more
Ready, Set, GMO: How Monsanto might trick Congress into greenlighting its agenda

The Monsanto-supported Section 733 (or as Monsanto lobbyists so Orwellianly put it – the “farmer assurance provision”) was first written as a rider for the Farm Bill, which is currently stalled in Congress. But while the country’s spending bills are taking precedence because of automatic spending cuts and tax increases that are part of the so called fiscal cliff, lobbyists for Monsanto and other GMO firms saw an opportunity to …

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Busting Myths About GMO Labeling Laws

Political ad season is in full swing and if you live in one of the swing states like Ohio or Florida, you are no doubt inundated with political ads for the race for the White House. Luckily, I live in California where, thanks to being a solid blues state, I am spared the endless bickering between Obama and Romney. But recently we’ve been hit with a wave of ads dealing with our local statewide propositions, one of which will determine an outcome that is probably even more important than whether an elephant or donkey take residence…

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Stanford organic food study – a pesticide-laced, hormone-fed pile of bull

In what can only be seen as public relations move similar to the old tactics used by the tobacco industry, a study by Stanford University released last week made headlines for its misleading assertion that organic foods were no more nutritious than conventional crops.

The extremely flawed “study” contained no new testing of foods and was actually only a review of several other studies that focused on differences in nutritional value of organic vs. conventional crops. The report made …

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Take the good with the bad: The Sanders amendment

There was much back-slapping and self-congratulating among the Senate yesterday as Republicans and Democrats celebrated a rare instance of bipartisanship when the chamber passed the Farm Bill – a much anticipated overhaul of our agriculture system that cut useless subsidies and expanded even more useless insurance programs among other things. However, proponents of natural, organic foods didn’t find much cause to celebrate …

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Spilt milk, supplements and party politics

This week saw a lot of action in the usually mundane world of FDA policy wonking on Capitol Hill as the Senate debated and voted on the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act. The Act itself was the usually rather boring stuff – creating checks on medical device manufacturers, plans to update this and that in the code, helping doctors reduce prescription drug abuse…

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