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GMO Update: Victory!
by Jeff Clemetson, Managing Editor “I love the smell of organic food in the morning. It smells like… victory!” The above quote I obviously made up, but I couldn’t help myself. With so much negative news lately about government shutdowns, possible defaults¬†on our soverign debt, total gridlock¬†and the general... Read more
The Very Real Ramifications of The Monsanto Protection Act

Experiencing the agony of defeat always stings, but the sting is even more painful when clearly the bad guy wins. Last week, health, environmental and family farming advocates experienced that bitter sting when President Obama signed into law the inappropriately-named Farmer Assurance Provision, which has been appropriately dubbed The Monsanto Protection Act…

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Ready, Set, GMO: How Monsanto might trick Congress into greenlighting its agenda

The Monsanto-supported Section 733 (or as Monsanto lobbyists so Orwellianly put it – the “farmer assurance provision”) was first written as a rider for the Farm Bill, which is currently stalled in Congress. But while the country’s spending bills are taking precedence because of automatic spending cuts and tax increases that are part of the so called fiscal cliff, lobbyists for Monsanto and other GMO firms saw an opportunity to …

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