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Healthy Tips To Avoid Osteoporosis
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer We  all know that with age comes the scary risk of osteoporosis, an illness in which you lose mineral density in your bones, making them weak, frail and liable to breaking. It is a disease that doesn’t discriminate; men as well as women can... Read more
Coming Soon! Milk – It Does a Body Bad

There was a time when milk was the second most popular non-alcoholic beverage in the world. The first being water, of coarse. Since then, fruit juices, then sodas, then energy drinks have won over consumers and milk has seen its popularity fall. Perhaps this is the reason for the totally insane move proposed by the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) to make a “diet” milk that is sweetened with a known carcinogen – aspartame. Aspartame is the ingredient used in a lot of diet sodas and sugar substitutes like the ones in…

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Dairy Debates

Milk, some love it, some hate it. Whatever your personal preference milk continues to be one of those things the experts just can’t seem to agree on. Though most do agree it does have it’s pro’s and con’s like many other foods. There are also certain things to consider when it comes to milk consumption…

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Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance also known as lactase deficiency is a condition in which you are unable to absorb lactose, the primary sugar in milk and dairy products. Lactose intolerance is actually very common in adults with approximately 30 million American adults …

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Raw Is Good For You
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer Raw milk got a bad rap during the 1900’s and now people refuse to drink it unless it has been treated properly from “sicknesses” that one can get.  But truth be known raw milk is perfectly safe to drink as long as you know... Read more
Why Are You Lactose Intolerant?
the simple process of heating the milk to pasteurized it will cause lactose intolerance and scare millions away from drinking what was once one of the safest and most nutritious ways to get required vitamins and minerals into your body.  If you look back to the old times say... Read more
Functions of Calcium

Functions of Calcium

Diet June 11, 2012

If you were to mention calcium, bone health comes to mind. While calcium is most abundant in the human bones, it is vital for body functions that include nerve transmission, heart health, immune function and blood clotting. Calcium supplementation has been found to reduce the risk of colon cancer.... Read more
The Real Scoop on Raw Organic Milk

For centuries children, mothers, fathers of all races have been drinking raw milk right off the cow, goats and sheep without getting sick and it has been the cornerstone of every nutritional meal in its various forms in every culture in the world. If it had made them sick then they, I’m sure, would have figured out a way to make the milk safer being as cows are so abundant. Why is milk now the evil that it is portrayed to be by most top food corporations with this lactose intolerance and other strategies?

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Pasteurized milk linked to cancer reports a Harvard Study

Once again a report has shown us the truth about the milk that we buy from industrial dairies. A Harvard University report has just recently shown that pasteurized milk products from factory farms is causing hormone dependent cancers. The report states that concentrated animal feeding operations model of raising cows on factory owned farms can churn out milk with incredibly dangerous levels of estrone sulfate which is an estrogen compound which has been linked to testicular, breast and prostate cancer in …

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Up you Calcium intake Lower your chances of Osteoporosis
Did you know that the diet that you presently have is probably depleting the bones in your body of important nutrients and also increasing your chances of developing osteoporosis?  Well all these new and promising quick weight loss diets that continually dangle but never deliver its promised weight loss... Read more