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Massage and Migraines

When migraines hit they can be a debilitating condition. Some get them once in a blue moon, others once a month and for a few unfortunate souls it’s a daily event. There is a lot we still don’t fully understand about Migraines such as their underlying causes, triggers and mechanisms…

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Ease your migraines naturally

Herbs and herbal preparations have been used to treat everything from headaches to the plague for thousands of years. Though there is no scientific proof and very limited clinical documentation to verify the effectiveness of herbs and herbal supplements the fact that they continue to be in use significantly speaks to their effectiveness…

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Understanding Migraine headaches

The exact cause of migraine headaches is unknown though it is known that migraines activate the sympathetic nervous system. This part of the nervous system is known for the “flight or fight” response…

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Is Microwaved Food Really Healthy?
  For the better part of 40 years microwave ovens have been a homemaker and cooks best friend.  Try to think back to a time that you did not use them to heat up a cup of coffee or pop that great and buttery popcorn that’s ready in minutes... Read more
Ways to treat migraine

Ways to treat migraine

Health February 22, 2012

Migraines have always been around and have decreased many persons quality of lives for decades.   Treatments for such pains have ranged from medicine to natural healing therapies.  Some ways to treat migraines include a regular sleeping schedule as an irregular sleep schedule and sleep deprivation will cause a migraine... Read more