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Top Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp
Remember all the times you shook someones hand heard them introduce themselves and then a second later you forget their name?  Well welcome to the club as everyone wants to have a sharp mind and memory.  By exercising your brain you can also improve your attitude as you will... Read more
Top ways to boost your memory with the right foods
  Tired of forgetting why you walked into a certain room?  Or being embarrassed when trying in vain to remember a person name?  Well there are many ways to keep your memory sharp by eating the right foods. Eat lots of fatty fish which are high in omega-3’s and... Read more
Improve your memory by exercising and eating right
  Are you tired of misplacing your car keys or forgetting someone’s name after you have just meet them?   Well there is good news here for those looking for the quickest way to improve their memory and to stop cursing at themselves for half an hour before finding their... Read more
Improve your memory

Improve your memory

Health August 29, 2011

Our memory like every other part of our body needs exercise in order to perform at its peak …

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A proper diet’s effect on memory

Memory is as natural to us as breathing. It is an ability that we all have, yet rarely ever think about-unless we believe that we are losing that ability…

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