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More on Yoga: Reducing Stress Through Balance and Meditation
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Yoga is a set of practices that involve the mind, body and spirit in a quest to find permanent peace or equilibrium.  Originating in Ancient India and practiced in several Eastern Asian religions, yoga was brought to the West by Hindu monks in the... Read more


Fitness July 12, 2013

by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Tai chi is an ancient Chinese exercises also known as tai chi chuan. These exercises are for the mind and body. It involves slow, graceful and gentle movements that can be performed by anyone. All these movements are accompanied by deep breathing. Each movement... Read more
A meditation on meditation

I believe that adopting a sitting meditation practice into one’s daily routine is one of the healthiest decisions a person can make. Whether you’re looking to take your yoga practice to the next level or just seeking to improve your overall quality of being, taking a few moments a day to be still and observe the breath has the potential to bestow incredible benefits upon your life…

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