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Eating Lunch Will Keep You Burning Calories
There is a host of people out there think that by skipping lunch that they will be losing fat around the waistline or helping their diets in some way but sadly the illusion becomes a reality when the hunger pangs begin and the urge to wolf down a fast... Read more
6 Reasons For You To Lift Weights
If your not in need of those  large and strong thighs or 22 inch biceps like all those pics that you see around you should still not stay away from the weight room.  The process of lifting weights will get you ahead of heart disease and excess belly fat... Read more
Increase your Metabolism to Lose Weight
  Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. One of the best and smartest ways to shed those extra pounds off is to increase your metabolism.  Calories are the fuel that powers your internal engine and as everyone knows the more calories you burn during... Read more
Study finds soluble fiber helps burn belly fat

Say goodbye to those love handles. A new study by researchers has revealed that soluble fiber may be good for your stomach fat…

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