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Diving With Kids and Teenagers

One essential element is for the dive professional to enjoy working with children and teens. This category of clientele is not for everyone. Secondly you have to make it fun for kids therefore creativity is a must. When you’re doing confined water with them you can play games…

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Your Kids Should Exercise
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer In this day and age of the powerful media industry’s reign on our extracurricular activities with Blackberry to WII games to Facebook all in which we partake of when sitting or laying down, our overall health is being affected and not in a good... Read more
The Soft Drink Controversy Continues
There is a controversy stirring up in India as to whether harmful chemicals along with pesticides are really found in products made by the Coca-Cola Company.  An independent organization in New Delhi, India stated that aerated waters produced by soft drink manufacturers that goes for Pepsi as well, was... Read more
Healthy Eating Tips for kids
Healthy eating for kids begins at home and in right in your kitchen.  The example YOU set will have a huge impact on the diet that your child has and if properly done you and your child will reap the great benefits of healthy eating and living.  Sometimes being... Read more