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Should You Bag Your Kids School Lunches?
  Thinking about giving your kids a few bucks for school lunch?  You might want to rethink that and invest in sending them off with a homemade nutritious bag lunch instead.   Yes you might want to rethink your morning schedule just a tad to make time to prep &... Read more
Unhealthy Snacks are Damaging our Kids Health
  A recent study in a health journal has shown that our kids are addicted to junk food and are getting bigger and hungrier by the minute.  Kids nowadays have three extra meals per day in the form of unhealthy snacks, mostly composed of utter junk food and junk... Read more
Getting our Teenagers to Always Eat Right
Getting teenagers to eat healthy and make right diet choices can be pretty difficult sometimes, and especially in these days of heavy advertisement everywhere you look.  This is a very changing time in their lives when they are beginning to exercise their freedom and desiring to do things on... Read more
Super Brain Foods for Your Super Kids

Are you tired of your kids coming home with bad grades or notes from the teacher telling you that the kids do not focus and stay motivated in class?

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3 Cool ways to get your kids to eat their vegetables

Children need to eat foods that derive from the well known food pyramid which is built on the five major food groups and vegetables are a very important block in that pyramid.

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