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Try an Old-School Workout
by Keila Chaliotis, Staff Writer Some of us have tried it all, top of the line exercise machines and every modern routine out there and have seen no results. We tend to feel frustrated and doubt that is possible to get in shape. If you feel that this is... Read more
Common jogging errors

Common jogging errors

Fitness February 22, 2012

Running should be a great enjoyable and stress-free activity but many runners experience pain and discomfort because of wrong gear, form, and hydration.  Many runners have a favorite pair of running shoes they do not want to give up but running shoes need to be changed every 300-400 miles,... Read more
How music helps you loose weight

Music can have a powerful effect on a listener’s heart rate. If you have ever felt that powerful surge of energy when your favorite track comes on, or have ever felt “in the mood” …

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