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More complaints in the wake of Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual abuse Penn State scandal
Jerry Sandusky former Penn State defensive coach has been hit with more complaints and this time from his own daughter in law.  Mrs. Sandusky has obtained a restraining order that forbids her children (Jerry Sandusky’s grandkids) from sleeping over his home.  Mrs. Sandusky is claiming that Jerry Sandusky abused... Read more
Independent investigation sought by Penn State faculty into child sexual abuse scandal
An independent investigation has been initiated by Penn State faculty members on allegations involving Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual abuse charges.  The faculty senate endorsed a resolution asking for an investigation to be headed by an independent committee whose member had no connections with Penn State nor had ever been... Read more
Sex abuse scandal at Penn State Gets worse
Accused serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky is in the news again.  The heinous scandal that has rocked Penn State involving Jerry Sandusky with charges of child abuse, and the firing of Joe Paterno the legendary Penn State football coach and the removal of Graham Spanier Penn State president continues with... Read more