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Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when there is a short circuit in the electrical system of the heart causing an unexpected and sudden loss of heart function as well as respiration’s and consciousness. Sudden cardiac arrest is not a heart attack…

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Extreme Health Risk of Extreme Obesity

Like it or not, people that are morbidly obese are inherently unhealthy. That is a medical fact. In fact there was a recent study that found the strongest associations between obesity and death from all causes was found among study subjects who had never smoked and …

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Steer Clear of Trans Fats

When Trans Fat first appeared about 100 years ago they appeared to be a great addition to the food industry. Not only did they improve the flavor and texture of foods they also prolonged the shelf life of numerous processed foods ranging from cookies and cakes to frozen pizzas…

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Heart Attacks

The holidays are upon us and while ’tis the season for giving and good cheer, it is also is season for heart attacks. Studies have shown that more people suffer heart attacks in December than any other month. In fact, Christmas day is not only a day of celebration, opening gifts and spending time with family and friends, there are also more heart attacks on Christmas day than any other day in the year…

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Prevent Heart Disease
By Ed Barillas- Staff Writer preventing it by following some simple suggestions and by adopting a healthy lifestyle you can help yourself considerably regardless of past family history, age or sex. Do not smoke or use tobacco. Smoking is one of the primary risk factors in developing cardiovascular disease.... Read more
Heart Surgery Recovery Plan
Many of those recovering from heart surgery should take it as a wake-up call to begin living a healthy life. The simple process of replacing bad habits with good and fun habits can make all the difference in the rate of your recovery.  A simple but carefully planned diet... Read more
How Male Enhancers Can Shorten Your Life
  Before Viagra showed up on the scene billions upon billions of people were conceived without any help at all from heavy psychotropic drugs like Viagra.  You rarely would ever hear about anyone having a problem with his sexual performance or longevity of an erection.  But with the way... Read more
Heart Valve Diseases

Heart Valve Diseases

Medical October 3, 2012

by Kimberly Allen RN Heart valve diseases are conditions that affect the way one or more of the valves in the heart function.  There are four chambers or compartments in the heart, the two upper chambers are called the atria and the two lower chambers are called the ventricles. ... Read more
Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization is a procedure Drs use to diagnose and even treat certain heart problems. The Dr can see what the problem is, increasing his/her knowledge of a problem that is already known to exist …

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Healthy Benefits Of Fast Foods?  NOT!!!
Love fast food?   yeah well I used to love digging into a nice hot and juicy burger with crispy hot fries and chasing it all down with an extra large diet soda after a good workout right?  Well these foods or better said lack of can make all the... Read more