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Converting bad white fat to good brown fat

Scientist at John Hopkins School of Medicine have uncovered a way to turn bad fat in our body’s into fat that can burn off more weight and calories

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How Mother Nature clues us into healthy foods

The remedies of the past have always proven to be the best and most wise. Our forefathers paid particularly good attention to the herbs and vegetables that grew around them …

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Hearty foods to help the heart

The biggest killer amongst male and females is cardiovascular disease affecting 26% of the population …

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The wonders of Garlic

Garlic has been one of the most valuable foods on this earth, being used since biblical times …

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Health benefits of Phytochemicals

For many years, researchers have recognized that diets that are high in fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes appear to reduce the rich of a number of diseases …

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Granola Smoothie Crunch
“Short on time in the morning?  Try this one to go” Prep time: 1 minute Pouring time: 5 seconds Ingredients 1 cup milk 1 large ripe banana ¾ cup granola 1/8 cup raisins 2 tbls. Honey ¾ cup ice Preparation Add all ingredients into a blender ice first.  Blend... Read more
The good news on strawberries

Everyone knows that strawberries are wonderfully and satisfyingly delicious. But did you know the nutritional power that they also have?

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FDA says Fritos healthier than walnuts

The FDA has admonished Diamond Foods for statements that it made about the healthy consumption of walnuts. A letter was sent from the FDA to them stating,” Your walnuts products are drugs and new drugs…

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