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Study Finds Almonds Great Against Diabetes
Researchers have uncovered a technique to re-sensitize cells to the effects of insulin.  The miracle substance is an type of almond called sterculia foetida which contains sterculic oil and can aid those who have lost the ability to produce insulin and have developed insulin resistance.   Insulin acts like a... Read more
Water – The key to good health

Funny as it may appear, water although always taken for granted may be the single most important tool in losing weight and staying healthy…

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Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic Health Benefits

Health August 29, 2011

This versatile healing herb also contains powerful antioxidants nutrients like vitamin A and C, and has compounds that are effective defenders against oxidation and free radicals.  Garlic can aid in the detoxification of peroxides such as hydrogen peroxide and can also help in preventing fats from being oxidized and... Read more
Three way to avoid diabetes

Almost 26 million Americans have diabetes and as many as three million may have type 1 diabetes…

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The truth about MSG

In these months leading up to the next presidential election one would hope that the candidates for office would willingly be announcing their fight against toxins being put into our food …

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Raw Milk Suppliers Raided

This August 3rd during the morning hours the FDA, The Department of Agriculture, the LA county Sheriff’s department and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) conducted a raid on a local, private buying club selling wholesome natural raw milk and bi-products…

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