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GMO Update: Labeling Law Defeated in Washington by Zombie GMO CEOs
by Jeff Clemetson, Editor It’s like it has become some often repeated plot to a bad horror movie – a popular initiative that has widespread appeal and seems about to pass is suddenly attacked by a marauding horde of zombie-like corporate food company executives who use ghostly lies to... Read more
Busting Myths About GMO Labeling Laws

Political ad season is in full swing and if you live in one of the swing states like Ohio or Florida, you are no doubt inundated with political ads for the race for the White House. Luckily, I live in California where, thanks to being a solid blues state, I am spared the endless bickering between Obama and Romney. But recently we’ve been hit with a wave of ads dealing with our local statewide propositions, one of which will determine an outcome that is probably even more important than whether an elephant or donkey take residence…

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Take the good with the bad: The Sanders amendment

There was much back-slapping and self-congratulating among the Senate yesterday as Republicans and Democrats celebrated a rare instance of bipartisanship when the chamber passed the Farm Bill – a much anticipated overhaul of our agriculture system that cut useless subsidies and expanded even more useless insurance programs among other things. However, proponents of natural, organic foods didn’t find much cause to celebrate …

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